Monday, March 7, 2011

Teacher Awards – Revised Scheme in Haryana

Teacher Awards – Revised Scheme
The existing State Award Scheme was put up for comments on the department’s website. Many comments have been received. Most of them have suggested that there should be a rigorous screening process for selection of teachers for the teacher award which should not only test subject knowledge and general competency of the teacher but also child learning outcomes of the children being taught by the applicant teachers.
After going through the suggestions of various stakeholders, the department proposes the following procedure for selection of Teacher Awardees for both the State and National Awards:
Eligibility: The eligibility conditions shall be as follows:
a. Minimum years of service – 8 years
b. ACRs – last 5 years ACR should be Grade A or A+
c. Results - last five years results (whether Board or of school) should be more than 50% for each child in the classes taught by the teacher i.e. each child in a particular class should have scored more than 50% marks in internal or external exam.
d. Disciplinary proceedings should not be pending against the official.
Applications: All teaching personnel can apply online on the departmental website.
Screening tests:
1. Written exam for applicants – in GK and teaching Subject – to be conducted by Directorate of Secondary Education (Note: minimum cutoff shall be 75% marks in both subjects)
2. Class Room Teaching Evaluation of the applicants – by expert committee of the Directorate (Note: minimum cutoff shall be 75% marks)
3. Children’s Learning outcome evaluation – by Directorate concerned either directly or through third party (Note: This evaluation shall be done for only those teachers who qualify the above two evaluations i.e. written exam and class room teaching evaluation. Here it is expected that all the children in the classes taught by the applicant teacher should score >60%)
Final Selection: through an interview by State Level Awards Committee (at Directorate of Secondary Education).
Marking Scheme:
Total 450 marks
Written Exam = 200 marks (100 marks for each subject)
Classroom teaching evaluation = 100 marks
Children’s learning level evaluation = 100 marks+interview.

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